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Goblins: Alternate Realities Kickstarter is up now!

So, my partner Brad has been working on other endeavors whilst we wait for art to trickle in. One of these endeavors isĀ Goblins: Alternate Realities. If you're a fan of the Goblins webcomic, you should be ecstatic to see a Goblins CCG hitting the shelves. But the important thing to Siege is that Brad made that card game. Made it for those dudes, and if you visit the Kickstarter link, you'll take note that the Kickstarter hit its goal in just over 24 hours. It has now more than tripled - and almost quadrupled - its goal, and I've gotta say - That's damned impressive. So, what's in this for us? Well, when Siege goes to Kickstarter, I'm hoping that we can have a fraction of the support that Goblins has. But I'm absolutely ecstatic to see Brad's compatriots at Evertide Games doing well with their Kickstarter. Just wanted to update you guys there.

On to me! Apologies for being absent for a bit, but I am a married man now! And that is going rather swimmingly. Working many more hours at "Pay-the-bills" job, but I'm rather looking forward to not having to do that anymore, or rather, at least not have to worry about that anymore. Currently working on re-developing HoI, and I'm hoping that HoI's launch will coincide with the Siege Kickstarter. In this way, we can have quite a bit more support the day we launch the kickstarter. Beyond that, Brad and I are mostly just waiting for the first rounds of art, as mechanically, Siege is pretty well ready to go. We may have a bit more testing to do, and then some setup for sets 2, 3, and 4, but beyond that, I believe that Siege is in the best place it's ever been. Which is good, because it's ready to roll, and I'm ready to roll with it.