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Into the Artistic Unkown


We are beginning the process of getting the art we need to make this game a reality. I've tabled some of the programming work (sorry) because I've been spending a lot of my attention on getting artists in place to help make this game a reality. Specifically now i'm targeting accumulating enough art to begin fund raising for the game, and to work towards a potential Kickstarter or something similar.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a real accomplishment. We have some of our first pieces of art rolling in and I think it is worth sharing because it looks outright gorgeous.

The work was done by Finnian MacManus and he has done a few pieces for us so far. I'm absolutely in love with his style and I really think he captures what we're looking for in the cards. I hope to have some more examples for you guys soon, and I promise I'll get back to programming soon. There is a lot going on behind the scenes here, and although progress is slow, it's steady. And that's reassuring to me that we'll get to the finish line, and get it done right.

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  1. Update on this: We’ve since gotten three or four more pieces in that are ready to roll. And we have a few that are just sitting, but we’re shooting for about 5-10% artwork before we go into final development and put up the Kickstarter. And then after that, it’s gung-ho, full-steam ahead!

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