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The Team

There's two of us, Brad and Matt. Designing games is our passion. Specifically this game.

Brad's current (actual) employ is a nice little voip company. Gotta keep the wife and kid happy while dreams of world domination grow. In his spare time he works on Siege as well as other board and card game designs with various groups. He is 23 and lives in North Carolina. Brad originally had the idea for Siege and has since been laboriously working to make it a reality. Brad's handle is innuendo.

Currently enrolled in school and working for a Multi Billion-Dollar electronics corporation, Matt currently stomps around Ohio aspiring to do the same thing we all do: make a living doing the thing you love. He is 29, soon-to-be-married, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of gaming, history, and particularly game development. Crazy smart, crazy insightful, and plain crazy, Matt brings energy and drive to an otherwise rudderless duo. He brings the special sauce to all we do and never lets us settle for okay. Matt's handle is Kablizzy.

Want to talk to us?

We love talking about this game. It's borderline irrational how much we can do it. Want to join in?

We really prefer you contact us on our forums at the forum link above (or here if you're mouse is too heavy to move up). This is just the most convenient since we check it the most, and that way other people may see and help you out as well.

If it's a little more private, you can reach us directly via email using the form that floats around on the right.